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The 2017 provisional class - first meeting

Kathy Clark, Jane Lellis and Bobbie McArthur were very busy leading our new 2017 provisional group for their first provisional meeting. It took place at the Philomena Center on October 10th.

Kathy lead everyone in prayer. A very eager group of fifteen took notes as Kathy explained service hours, attendance and the website.


Bobbie reminded the ladies where The Cottage is located and sign up for Cottage Orientation. Jane reminded everyone the importance of the provisional meetings. The group is excited to meet Monique Cicco and her Layette Committee at the next meeting. Monique will explain the procedure for assembly and what organizations will benefit from the Layette gifts. The new provisionals are anxious to help November 17th at the Layette Assembly!

Everyone enjoyed the delicious pastries and sipped on fresh brewed coffee as Kathy Clark explained very thoroughly "the Blue Book" and National Christ Child's Make a Difference Day. We will be participating as Layettes of Love, a day of caring. Making a difference as donated baby items will benefit Birthright and Nevaeh Ridge. Provisional Diana Beyer has already volunteered to help out on the committee.

Congratulations to each new provisional on their new venture in Making a Difference!

"For it is in giving that we receive." St. Francis of Assisi

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